Tips & Tricks With the Canon T5i

Here’s the second part of my True Originals campaign with Canon where I’ll be going over some tips for the T5i. You can take a look at their brand new facebook app here: I do want to preface this post by saying that I genuinely like the Canon T5i and wouldn’t have gone ahead with this campaign if I hadn’t!

Using this camera to document my process was great. Some of the features that I found useful are the AI auto focus, the swivel screen, and the zoom tool. I stayed on manual mode for all of my shots and was really pleased with how the photos turned out.

The AI Focus feature makes one handed photography a lot easier. I’ll admit I was lazy and didn’t want to bring out the tripod and then have to use the camera’s timer to take photos of myself painting. Instead, I used AI focus, which did a good job of keeping my brush and hand in focus when I took the shots. It will even adjust to whatever objects are moving, which will be a big benefit for when I want to film a painting demonstration.

The swivel screen helped when I was trying to take photos of my art from directly above.  Instead of standing on a chair and craning my neck to see what I’m shooting, I used the swivel screen to easily show me. This will be especially handy for taking videos, as you can face the screen toward you to see exactly what you’re filming. (And not have your content go off screen, which has happened to me before.)

The zoom tool is such a great feature of this camera. You can tap directly on the icon since the T5i has a touch screen, and it will magnify 5x and then 10x. This allows you to more accurately focus on an object, removing the guess work from whether you’ve properly focused on something or not.

Overall, I really loved this camera and will definitely keep using it to take photos for future posts!

Again, for more information about the True Originals campaign, please visit Canon’s Facebook app, For details about the Canon T5i, you can go here: This post was created in partnership with Canon. #TrueOriginals