Watering and Maintaining Your Kokedama

I made a post earlier on how to make a kokedama, now I’ll be going through the steps on how you can water and maintain them. It’s not too much work!

- Container large enough to hold most, if not all, of the moss ball portion of your kokedama
- Water
- Towel or Cloth

Step 1: Place your kokedama inside the container and fill it with water. It’s best to have enough water to completely cover the moss ball portion (the tinier ones may float). My container was too small for the largest kokedama, but it wasn’t a big deal, I just poured water on top of it. Leave them in there for a 3-5 minutes.

Step 2: Once they’ve properly soaked in the water, remove your kokedama and gently squeeze the liquid out. It might lose its shape a little bit, but you can just form it back into it’s original self.

Step 3: Place your damp kokedama on a towel until it’s dry enough to put it back into its bowl/planter.

I’ve been watering my kokedama about every 10 days and then misting them a few times in between. When I mist, I do it just by the base of the plant where it meets the moss ball. Keep in mind that I’d chosen hardy plants (A curly spider plant, craw craw vine, and a peperomia sp), so they’re a bit more forgiving if I under or over water them. I’ve had my 3 kokedamas for a month now and they’ve all been growing nicely with this routine!

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