pottery classes & Mermaid planter

Last year I took my first pottery class and had an amazing time; so much so that I just signed up for another round starting in April. Here are photos of a mermaid ledge planter I’d made, my favorite piece from last year’s class…her leafy hair has gotten a lot crazier from before!

Expect to see many more pottery updates in the next few months :).

turning sweatpants in to a planter

I was browsing Yarnfreak, when I came across a post involving jersey/T-shirt yarn. I really liked how it looked, so I tried to find places online to purchase it. Instead, I found some great tutorials on how to make it yourself from old shirts. However, since I didn’t have any shirts I wanted to get rid of, I used some old sweatpants instead.

- A large shirt or pants made of stretchy material
- Large crochet hook – I used a size 00/15/N
- Fabric scissors
- Small plant
- Saran wrap

Step 1: Make your yarn. I watched this video tutorial, which was really easy to follow. I used both legs of my pants and ended up cutting 1 inch strips to make the yarn.  It was exactly enough for a little planter.

Step 2: Start crocheting!

Here’s a simple pattern for the planter I made:

• sc: single crochet
• sl st: slip stitch
• rnd: round
• st: stitch

Rnd 1: Make a magic ring and place 6 sc into it.
Rnd 2: 2 sc in each st. Join with sl st. (12 sc)
Rnd 3: 2 sc in next st, 1 sc in next st. Repeat 6x. 2 sc in next st. (20 sc)
Rnds 4-8: sc in each st. Join with sl st. (20 sc)

Tip: The pattern above worked with the yarn I’d created, however, results may vary depending on the thickness and material of your t-shirt yarn. My sweatpants were made of a heavy jersey fabric.

Step 3: Wrap the base of your plant’s plastic pot with saran wrap so that dirt and water won’t come out of the holes. I plan on removing the plant from the crocheted planter and taking off the saran wrap whenever I want to water it, that way the water can properly drain (I’ll just do it over a sink). Then I’ll put the saran wrap back on and the plant back in to its planter. I chose a bird’s snake plant since they don’t need to be watered very frequently.

Step 4: Put your plant in to your crocheted planter and you’re done!

This was a fun and quick project, it only took about an hour total to make the yarn and crochet the planter. Hope you enjoyed this!

Tea Bag Shower Invites (with drinkable tea)

It was such a pleasure being able to design and create these invitations for my cousin’s bridal shower last year. It had an Alice in Wonderland tea party theme, and that’s how I came up with the idea of making the invites look like tea bags that held actual tea leaves for the guests to brew and drink.

After a couple of prototypes, I created these invitations by printing on vellum paper, which allowed the tea leaves to show through. I then assembled the invitations similarly to how you would with an actual tea bag, using the tag at the end of the string as instructions for brewing the leaves. This was such an enjoyable project to work on and I’m so glad I was able to make it for my cousin and her shower!

Thank you, Nole, for sharing this on Oh So Beautiful Paper!

Our Wedding Invites & Favors

It feels like we got married just yesterday, but it’s already been more than two years! Photos of our invites and favors had been sitting in my hard drive collecting dust all that time, so here they are on the blog. These were probably my favorite items to work on for our wedding and well worth the stress involved. The designs were created by me and I’ve listed the various companies and vendors I worked with below.

Invite Sources
- Envelopes: Paper Source (Color: Paper Bag)
- Wax seal: Wax Works (Color: Ivory)
- Clear invite slip with birds: Assembled and printed by XieXingLong Plastic Co.
- Main invite & RSVP card: Letterpressed by Studio on Fire
- Summary card: Printed by Morning Print
- Envelop liners: Cut with our laser printer
- Type: Memoriam Pro (Slightly altered for some of the text)

Favor Sources
- Boxes: Creative Packaging (Color: Kraft)
- Box liners: Cut with our laser printer, assembled by us
- Food grade test tubes: Custom printed by Lake Charles MFG
- Cookies: Dare Crème Brûlée wrapped in saran wrap
- Custom tea leaves: Design A Tea
- Tea bags: Tea Easy Bag Store (Size: 50x62mm)
- Instruction card: Printed by Morning Print
- Swallow band: die cut by XieXingLong Plastic Co.